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Medium Detail Information

Medium No.
Medium for strain JA363, JA395 and JA418 
 Sodium pyruvate3g
 NaHCO3 (10% (w/v))10ml
 Yeast extract0.3g
 Ferric citrate solution* (0.1%)5ml
 Trace element solution SL7**1ml
 Distilled water1L
 pH 8 
  Mix ingredients except for NaHCO3 and Na2S·9H2O, and autoclave under a N2 atmosphere. Separately autoclave Na2S·9H2O solution under a N2 atmosphere. Sterilize NaHCO3 solutions by filtration. Prior to inoculation, aseptically and anaerobically add them.
  *Soluble in hot water.
  **Trace element solution SL7
   HCl (25%; 7.7 M)10ml
   Distilled water990ml
  Initially, dissolve FeCl2·4H2O in 25% HCl, then add distilled water followed by the other components.

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