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Medium Detail Information

Medium No.
Middlebrook 7H11 Agar 
 Pancreatic digest of casein1.0g
 Magnesium sulfate0.05g
 Ferric ammonium citrate0.04g
 Sodium citrate0.4g
 Ammonium sulfate0.5g
 Monosodium glutamate0.5g
 Disodium phosphate1.5g
 Monopotassium phosphate1.5g
 Zinc sulfate1.0mg
 Copper sulfate1.0mg
 Calcium chloride0.5mg
 Malachite green0.25mg
 OADC enrichment* 100 mL, Glycerol 5.0 mL, Distilled water1.0L
  *OADC enrichment
   Sodium chloride8.5g
   Bovine albumin (Fraction V)50.0g
   Oleic acid 0.6 mL, Distilled water1L

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