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Scieictific Name: Sporobolomyces singularis Prior display:

JCM 5356  has identical strain
Sporobolomyces singularis Phaff & do Carmo-Sousa
←CBS 5109 ←H. J. Phaff.
=ATCC 24193 =CBS 5109 =DSM 70871 =IFO 10594 =NBRC 10594 =NCYC 900 =NRRL Y-5852 =UCD 60-79
Type strain
Former names: Bullera singularis
Source: Insect frass, Oregon, USA
DDBJ accession number: 18S rRNA (D10819), 18S rRNA gene (AB021690)
Cultivation: 25°C
Registered: 2012-03-09

NBRC 10594  has identical strain
Sporobolomyces singularis Phaff & do Carmo-Sousa
Synonym: Bullera singularis
←IFO 10594 ←JCM 5356 ←CBS 5109 ←UCD 60-79, H.J. Phaff
=ATCC 24193 =CBS 5109 =DBVPG 6620 =DSM 70871 =JCM 5356 =NCYC 900 =NRRL Y-5852
Source: Frass of insect, Scolytus tsugae in Tsuga heterophylla, USA
Cultivation: 24°C
Registered: 2012-06-26

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